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Campus of University of West Hungary, Top University in Europe

University of West Hungary

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University of West Hungary 1735

Sopron (Hungary)

H-9400 University of West Hungary, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 4., Sopron, Hungary

Tel. 3699518210

Year of establishment: 1735

As a major Hungarian education institution with campuses in close proximity to neighbouring countries including Austria, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia, UWH aspires to become a key player in international higher education and research.

The University of West Hungary (UWH) is one of the top higher educational institutions in Hungary. We offer up-to-date knowledge to over 8 thousand students, who benefit from the high standard of education in the following locations: Sopron, a jewel city situated at the foot of the Lower Alps; Győr, a historic and festival city; Mosonmagyaróvár, famous for its medicinal water; and Szombathely, a 2000-year-old city which is the cultural and educational centre of the region. We started the “Green University” program in 2009, supported by EU funding, and have been working on ecologically, economically and socially adaptable methods for providing sustainable development. The research infrastructure at our university has reached “European” standards due to continued investment in recent years. The University’s eight faculties offer a wide range of programmes from undergraduate to doctorate level in three languages: Hungarian, English and German. Moreover, more than 70% of the academic staff have scientific degrees.

As well as contributing actively to the development of the Western Hungarian region, the University of West Hungary has a strong international outlook and attracts an increasing number of international students and participates in international cooperation research activities. Our main partners are higher education institutions (HEIs) in Austria, Germany and Finland. However,  several joint projects have been realized with partners from outside Europe including with South African partners in the field of microalgae biotechnology and with Vietnamese research and educational institutions in the field of biomass utilization for energy and sustainable use of lignocelluloses (wood and bamboo).

As for our experience in international education, we have signed Erasmus+ agreements with over 150 European HEIs, send over 150 students abroad and host around 40 international students each year. Lately we have had 12 Brazilian students within the CSF Hungary programme, 8 Erasmus Mundus (gSmart) students from Central Asian countries, 7 students from India and students from Nepal and Thailand. Since 2012 we have had 45 Chinese students in our programmes in Hungarian. In the future, we hope to attract students from Asia, South America and Africa within the framework of the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme coordinated by Tempus Public Foundation. Supported by the Campus Hungary programme, we have taken part in EHEF 2014 Indonesia, signed a MoU with LSPR Jakarta and have invited a visiting scholar from the State University of Makassar. We have organized Summer Schools with participation of German and Russian students, EUREKA study modules with students from Hungary, Finland, Slovakia, and the Netherlands.

The management of our student hostels welcomes international students and our University provides accommodation for foreign students in well-equipped, renewed students’ hostels: Accommodation fees are approxinately €150 per month. For further information please visit and



Doctoral Schools:

Antal Wittmann Crop-, Animal and Food Sciences Multidisciplinary Doctoral School

Gyula Roth Doctoral School of Forestry and Wildlife Management Sciences

István Széchenyi Management and Organisation Sciences Doctoral School

József Cziráki Doctoral School of Wood Sciences and Technologies

Pál Kitaibel Doctoral School of Environmental Science


The list of our international programmes is available here:

For further information contact:







HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Accounting and Finance Accounting and Finance
Agriculture, Forestry and Food Agriculture, Forestry and Food
Business, Management and Marketing Business, Management and Marketing
Economics Economics
Education Education
Engineering: Materials and mineral Engineering: Materials and mineral
English and Creative Writing English and Creative Writing
Geography and Environmental Studies Geography and Environmental Studies


MA in English Language Teaching (available in English) - Contact person:

MSc in Wood Technology (available in English) - Contact person:

MSc in Forest Engineering (modules available in English) - Contact:

MSc in Environmental Engineering (modules available in English) - Contact:

Doctoral programmes - Contact:


BA in Business Administration and Management (available in German) - Contact person:

BA in International Business Economics (available in English) - Contact person:

BA in English Studies (available in English) - Contact person:

BSc in Wood technology (available in English) - Contact person:

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