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Cracow (Poland)

0 CRACOW UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, 24 Warszawska Street, 31-155 Cracow. Poland, Cracow, Poland

Tel. +48 12 628 30 39

Year of establishment: 1945

With nearly 70 years experience in Engineering education, coupled with an innovative and open-minded approach to new ideas, the Cracow University of Technology can help you achieve your career goals!



Cracow University of Technologies' patron is Tadeusz Kościuszko - a national hero of both Poland and the US, an engineer and a builder responsible for the fortifications in Cracow. Today our institute is a place where tradition meets modernity. By realizing its goals the University of Technology works towards creating a national, european and global space for research and education. It strives towards interdisciplinary studies and research, combining technical science with mathematical, environmental, economical, legal and social sciences, using information technologies. It develops the ability to self-educate in students, giving them a good basis for working in the modern labour market.

The University consists of 7 faculties with more than 18,000 students and more than 1,200 academic teachers. Students choose from 70 specializations in 25 fields of study. Today, many of our graduates (78, 000) and academic members continue to contribute to advancing engineering technologies worldwide and are highly regarded by employers and research teams. Their knowledge and expertise allow CUT to maintain its strong reputation for academic excellence in both Poland and the international scientific community.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering educates future engineers at the highest level and The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the second largest faculty of its kind in Poland. The Faculty of Architecture also earned accreditation at the Royal Institute of British Architects and the European Federation for Landscape Architecture. At CUT international cooperation is strongly encouraged - and different faculty members cooperate with universities, research institutes and various companies around the world.




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