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Tallinn (Estonia)

10120 Tallinn University, Narva mnt 25 10120 Tallinn, Estonia , Tallinn, Estonia

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Year of establishment: 2005

International and student friendly,Talinn University is well-known for its high academic standards in humanities and social science and it is the fastest growing university in Estonia.   

The university now known as Tallinn University was created in 2005, though the history of the university is much longer. Tallinn University developed as the result of the merger of several research and development institutions in Tallinn (the Academic Library, Tallinn Pedagogical University, the Institute of History, the Institute of Ecology and the Estonian Institute of Humanities, Baltic Film and Media School). Tallinn University’s main academic strengths lie in the fields of humanities and social sciences, as well as a strong and constantly growing competence in the field of the natural and exact sciences. The university has a notable tradition of teacher training and educational research being an innovator in Estonian education and the largest provider of teacher education since 1919. Study at Tallinn University is research-based with an emphasis on practical training and a cross-disciplinary approach.

Tallinn University is the third largest university in Estonia, consisting of 6 schools and 2 colleges. Wishing to contribute more to society, we have set the goal of becoming the promoter of intelligent lifestyle in Estonia. The term Intelligent Lifestyle stands for making research-based decisions in order to improve society in general and the well-being of its citizens. To achieve this, we have formed five interdisciplinary research based focus fields: educational innovation, digital and media culture, cultural competences, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, society and open governance. Tallinn University is the largest humanities university in Tallinn and the third biggest public learning, research and development centre in Estonia. We have more than 9,000 students (with 5.5% of them international), and over 900 employees, including over 400 researchers and lecturers.

In order to ensure and enhance our international teaching and learning capabilities, Tallinn University collaborates with various institutes abroad, having bilateral cooperation agreements with 51 partner universities in 29 countries worldwide. We participate in the Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus Programmes. It’s the fastest growing university in Estonia. Tallinn University offers qualified international students 30 study programmes taught in English (5 bachelor’s programmes, 11 Master’s Programmes, 14 PhD programmes). In addition, Tallinn Summer School offers a 3-week programme in July, which includes courses in various fields presented by the best Estonian and foreign internationally acclaimed academics, opinion leaders and intellectuals. Similar programmes with less courses are also offered in January via theTallinn Winter School. It is one of the most international universities in the Baltic area. As a student, you will find a warm welcome at Tallinn University. By pursuing your studies at Tallinn University you will have the opportunity to become part of a contemporary and dynamic university that has a reputation for being the most student-friendly university in Estonia. The students here appreciate not only the professional and academic environment but also the welcoming, open and friendly atmosphere of the university.

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and is a vibrant city with cultural events and weekly activities that are especially organised for international students. Tallinn University is located in the centre of Tallinn. Tallinn University campus includes everything necessary for lectures and practical work: individual and group work rooms, lecture halls, seminar rooms, a film pavilion, television studio, a sound studio, cinema with 105 seats, storage rooms for filming equipment, a computer classes, laboratories and the academic library of books and films.

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Anthropology Anthropology
Art Art
Classic and Ancient History Classic and Ancient History
Computer Science and Information Systems Computer Science and Information Systems
Education Education
English and Creative Writing English and Creative Writing
Film Production and Photography Film Production and Photography
History History
Law Law
Media and film studies Media and film studies
Modern languages and Linguistics Modern languages and Linguistics
Politics Politics
Social policy and administration Social policy and administration
Social work Social work
Sociology Sociology


Anthropology Communication Management Comparative Literature and Cultural Semiotics Digital Library Learning Human-Computer Interaction International Business Law Digital Learning Games JMD Film Arts International Relations Interaction design


Media Crossmedia Production Law Liberal Arts in Humanities Liberal Arts in Social Sciences


Estonian government and universities have initiated various scholarship schemes in order to support international students who are interested in studying in Estonia. Please see more information at the scholarships information page.

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