European Higher Education Virtual Fair (EHEVF) India 2018

Higher Education Institution (HEI) Information Form

Institutional information from participating European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) for EHEVF website

The EHEVF website will be a compilation of information on EU HEIs participating in the EHEVF India 2018. Information is being compiled for this purpose as per the standard template given below. We aim to allocate one web page for each EHEI. Please use Standard English language in your response. Participating HEIs are responsible for the accuracy of the information and quality of language used in their submissions.

If necessary, you can save the form by clicking the save button at the end of the form and return to it later to complete and submit it. The organisers may come back to you to ask for any missing information. It is important that you take due care in filling and submitting this information accurately, completely and in a timely manner since this will determine the online presence of your institute in the EHEVF.

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HEI Postal Address and contacts:

Please give a brief profile of your University/EHEI in maximum 50 words (250 characters).

Please give a brief profile of your University/EHEI in maximum 400 words (3000 characters) including information relevant to international/Indian students:
  • Please highlight if you have any international education awards or ranks in the global/ European university rankings.
  • Please give information on the unique aspects and distinctions of your HEI, your faculty, students and alumni network which can be highlighted on the University page.
  • Please give information about part-time working hours for Indian students.
  • Please give information on your academic and research structure, achievements and international collaborations including under Erasmus Mundus if any.
  • Provide any information on links between your institution and India
  • Additional information relevant to international students (e.g. facilities including Halls of Residence, extra curricular activities, alumni networks etc.).

Contacts of the International Office:

HEI Social Media presence links (please add "http://" or copy from browser):

Please give online links to corporate videos about your institute/programmes and courses/faculty etc.
(You are also invited to create a new short video with direct message from the head (or senior official) of the institute addressing Indian at the European Higher Education Virtual Fair India and welcoming them to your institute.)

Please attach digital photographs and logo of your Higher Education Institution (please ensure good photographic resolution):

Gallery Pictures

Multiple picture upload available (select all files at once in your file-explorer) - .jpg, .png, .gif (max. 10 pictures; max. 5mb per picture)


Information on well-known alumni who attended your Higher Education Institute (if any)Also names and contact details of any Indian from your HEI.


Downloads: Please give here links to your HEIs Information material available online relevant for Indian such as Information brochures or leaflets about the HEI, Course prospectus Application forms, Scholarship forms etc.

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 Bachelor degreeMasters degreePhD
Accounting and Finance
Agriculture, Forestry and Food
Anatomy and Physiology
Building and Town and Country Planning
Business, Management and Marketing
Classics and Ancient History
Computer Science and Information Systems
Design and Crafts
Drama and Dance
Earth and Marine Sciences
Engineering: Civil
Engineering: Electronic and Electrical
Engineering: general
Engineering: Materials and mineral
Engineering: Mechanical
English and Creative Writing
Fashion and Textiles
Film Production and Photography
Forensic Science and Archaeology
Geography and Environmental Studies
Health Professions
History of Art
Hospitality, event management and tourism
Journalism, publishing and public relations
Media and film studies
Modern languages and Linguistics
Nursing and mid-wifery
Pharma and Pharmacology
Religious studies and theology
Social policy and administration
Social work
Sports science
Veterinary science

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